"Winnebagos of Death"

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Iraq's suspected mobile biological weapons laboratories have been a focus of
U.S. intelligence efforts for years; finding them has become a top concern
of Pentagon planners. But little is known publicly about their number or

Experts have said Iraq may have installed fermenters, spray dryers,
centrifuges and other supporting gear with refrigeration capacity in the
labs. The vehicles have distinguishing characteristics that would be visible
in the sort of satellite photos Powell is expected to present, according to
a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity. He declined to

U.S. intelligence agencies say the Iraqi regime uses mobile labs to hide
biological weapons by disguising them as ordinary tractor-trailer rigs or
even recreational vehicles, which have been dubbed "Winnebagos of Death."

Spotting the weapons labs with overhead surveillance might be possible only
when the vehicles are seen near a suspected arms facility, according to one
Pentagon intelligence official.

"Once they're traveling, they're indistinguishable from overhead," the
Pentagon official said. "If we have imagery of them at their home base where
we had suspicions of [weapons] activity, there may be some equipment that's
associated with them."


My comments: ok, let me get this straight.

- These supposed vehicles can look like any ordinary large vehicles.

- When they are traveling, they are indistinguishable from overhead.

- They can be spotted only when the vehicles are seen near a suspected arms
facility.  However, none of the 'suspected arms facilities' have actually
proved to be biological weapons facilities.

- Nevertheless, the vehicles have 'distinguishing characteristics that would
be visible in the satellite photos.'

Therefore, what I expect to see is some satellite photos of trucks parked
near buildings.  The Iraqis will claim that the buildings are not bioweapons
facilities and the trucks are ordinary trucks, not Winnebagos of Death
(WOD), but Powell will say that this is just more of their lies.

Stupid questions: if all the research and production are being done aboard
the truck, why do you need the brick-and-mortar 'facility' at all?  And if
they did go to the facilities, wouldn't they park inside sheds or garages
rather than sit out in the sun to be photographed by satellites?  WAIT - I
just answered my own question!  That's the 'distinguishing characteristic'!
They DON'T go to the suspected facility!  The WODs are the vans that are
photographed ELSEWHERE!

"Here is a Winnebago of Death parked at a falafel stand. Here is a Winnebago
of Death getting an oil change.  This Winnebago of Death is conducted
bioweapons research in a junkyard.  Note how its tires have been cleverly

BTW, who remembers when they were prowling around Serbia looking for
tractor-trailer rigs with freezer equipment that could have been packed with
bodies of Kosovar Albanians and driven into reservoirs?  Do these people
have some kind of truck fetish?

Lou Paulsen

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