Columbia Shuttle Military Weapon

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Tue Feb 4 08:24:35 MST 2003

I would stake out a middle ground on this one. On Saturday, I walked
into a Colombian bakery in Queens to find the workers and clientele
watching the shuttle disaster on TV and clearly upset and saddened by
the loss of human life. You see, our class, and particularly a people
who have suffered in their own flesh the loss of loved ones, are like
that, unlike the pious bourgeois hypocrites who cry when their
beloved pet dog dies, but blithely send workers to work amid toxic
fumes or soldiers to die in overseas adventures. You won't make any
points with workers by sneering at the seven astronauts and saying
they deserved to die because were "seven servants of the New World
Order," whether they were serving military purposes or not. And there
is a distinction to be made regarding the deaths of even soldiers on
and off the battlefield. Would you try to win over all of the young
men and women who join the army with the illusion of obtaining career
skills and a decent income, by telling them that they are all "
servants of the New World Order" and deserve to die? I don't THINK so.

At 4:39 AM -0500 2/4/03, marxism-digest wrote:
>Yes.  I raise my glass of Chardonnay and celebrate the
>fact that, two days ago, US imperialism and the
>Zionist regime in Israel lost one opportunity for a
>propaganda campaign of class and ethnic superiority
>over the world.  Let history fuck them up as often and
>as dramatically as possible in the same way.


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