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(The author of this article is an interesting figure. During the 1980s
he and James LeMoyne did everything in their power to demonize the FSLN
and FMLN, obviously understanding that their articles helped Reagan's
wars in Central America. A few months ago Hedges came out with a book
titled "War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" that essentially stakes
out a pacifist position, so it is no accident that he ends up profiling

NY Times, Feb. 4, 2003
A Longtime Antiwar Activist, Escalating the Peace

LESLIE CAGAN is willing to count many things. She will count the
billions the United States will spend if it goes to war in Iraq. She
will count the dead. She will count the oil companies that line up for
the spoils. She will count the nations that turn their backs on this
country in anger. And she will, on Feb. 15, count the demonstrators who
are to gather in Manhattan and three dozen cities around the globe to
rally to stop the war. She will count all this. She is counting now.

But Ms. Cagan will not count down the days until a war. She is an
apostate, an unbeliever, a heretic to those who preach the gospel of
glory and power and empire. They count one way. She counts another.

"This may be our last chance to stop the war," she said. "If it starts,
it will be much harder to end. If marches do not work, we will escalate.
We will have to do things to disrupt the normal flow of life in this
country. There will have to be more civil disobedience. If bombs are
being dropped on other people in our name and with our tax dollars, we
will do what we can to make sure these bombs do not get there."

Ms. Cagan, 55, is the co-chairwoman of United for Peace and Justice, the
umbrella group that is organizing the protests. The city has refused to
grant her a parade and rally permit for more than 10,000 people. She and
other coalition representatives have scheduled a second meeting with the
Police Department and the city's corporation counsel today.

"If we do not get a parade and rally permit for over 100,000, we will go
to court," she said.

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2003/02/04/nyregion/04PROF.html


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