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Tue Feb 4 14:17:53 MST 2003

Moshé Machover just sent me this.

Paul F


Dear Friend

"President" G W Bush and his weapondollar/petrodollar backers have decided
to go to war; he is being supported by some mis-leaders such as the war
criminal Sharon, the kleptocrat Berlusconi and the arse-licker Blair.

But they has a big problem: public opinion is very skeptical, even hostile.
This is true in most countries (except Israel) - even in the US itself. (See
Chomsky's speech at Porto Alegre, which I have circulated).

This is why the outbreak of the war has had to be put off.

We must not entertain any illusions: Bush and his backers are still
determined to have their war. But they need to sway public opinion.

What these villains need is some major incident, say some terroristic
mega-atrocity, which will stun world public opinion into acquiescence.

One does not need to be endowed with the gift of divine prophecy to see that
in this situation Bush & Co are likely to try to provoke an incident of the
kind and scale they require. This is the well-tried Sharon method, which he
has used with great success to keep in power, by provoking Palestinians into
committing desperate acts.

The only thing that may perhaps foil the provocation is vigilance. We must
publicize the danger of a provocation in good time, so that as many people
as possible are ready for it, and are not taken by surprise.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Please circulate.


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