labour aristocracy, cont.

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Tue Feb 4 18:47:58 MST 2003

Jose G. Perez:

Done mourning for the astronauts already Jose?  Glad to see your making such
a rapid recovery.  Life must go on despite these painful setbacks, musn't

Although I am a little surpised you didn't take the full 7 days for sitting
shiva, but hey... it's so old fashioned in these modern times.

Regarding your pseudo-analysis of the condition of the working class:

It's not that I don't know where you've been for 4 days, I don't know where
you've been for 20 years or more.  Was it the US?  Was it earth? The decline
in real wages and real buying power has been well documented every year by
the government and NGO statistical agencies.  The growing numbers of working
poor, that is to say families with at least one member fully employed but
making less than what a family of 4 requires to exceed the poverty line grew
from the late 1970s through the mid 1990s.  The relative decline in
compensation for US workers vis a vis workers in other advanced countries
(where many goods are cheaper, and where health care is more subsidized) has
been documented. The redistribution of "national wealth," from the middle
and lower deciles to the upper in both the US and UK under Thatcher Bush
Reagan Clinton Major is well documented.

The increase in the rate of child poverty, yearly, in the US is well
documented.  The growing number of uninsured workers has been documented.
The fastest growing sector of the poor in the US, single women employed and
head of household, has been documented.

The fact that the growth in employment in the US in the last 30 years is
directly linked to the vast numbers of women participating in the labor
force, and that women generally make 60-75% of men has been well documented.

The bourgeoisie are always playing this shell game about changing their
statistical measures for capturing inflation, unemployment, etc.  And it
hasn't changed the reality.

Are you aware of the decline in the number of manufacturing workers, and
manufacturing wage rates in the US?  Are you aware of the growing service
sector and that  wage rates are generally 30-50% less in the service sector,
for workers that is.

Are you aware that US railroads have reduced their employment levels by 75%
since the Korean War, the auto industry has reduced its production line
employment drastically?

Have you never heard, read, seen reductive reenmployment, where workers are
laid off and obtain other employment at dramatically reduced wages?  Of
workers being laid off, and then rehired as temps at reduced wages.

Have you not heard of Hormel?  IBP?

Do I really have to refer you to the daily issues of the WSJ for the years
1973-2003?  The statistical abstracts of the US?

Are you really going to suggest that the US workers are better off now,
despite the dramatically reduced rate growth of capital since 1973?

Tell you what, there's no way you can explain the "boom" of 1995-1998
without analyzing the assault on the working classes of the US and the world
triggered by the first OPEC shock of 1973.

You really don't know what you're talking about.

And I didn't even want to post anything tonight.

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