Columbia Shuttle Military Weapon

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Tue Feb 4 18:57:03 MST 2003


Please provide some *evidence* of your assertions.

- The main big shots being either active or military officers
- the Navy, the Military Cartographic Service, the Department of Defense and
the National Security Office of Sattelite Operations, among others, who are
in charge of designing 90% of all experiments aboard the Columbia
- and being, as they are, all of them clasiffied experiments

And, no, there were NO "cosmonauts" --military or otherwise-- aboard the
Columbia this time. There have been cosmonauts on shuttles in the past,
there probably will be in the future.

I will give you some help proving the "classified" experiments were military
in nature:

Click on that link or paste it into your browser's address field. You will
then get the NASA STS 107 press kit, with detailed crew bios, a complete
list of the 80 or so experiments, popular write-ups on each. The damn thing
is 150 pages, 11 megs all told, so be ready for a long download.

Then you will have to hand all the evidence you need to prove me wrong. All
you actually need to do is find the relevant parts and actually READ it.

That most of the astronaut corps has been drawn from the military, and in
particular fighter pilots and test pilots, is hardly a secret. It is also
hardly a secret that while on assignment to NASA, they are detached from
their branches of the service and are under the control of the astronaut
office, same as any other astronaut, not the military chain of command.
NASA's own "chain of command" -- its reporting structure -- is a matter of
public record. It should be a piece of cake to go in there and show how
military officers hold the key responsible positions in the organization.

I will tell you what I believe, though.

I believe you won't do it.

You won't do it because you're a windbag who doesn't know the first thing
about what you're talking about, all you can do is spout empty
super-r-r-revolutionary rhetoric and make assertions of the top of your head
that even my 12 year old daughter can easily disprove.

You're hoping that if you lard it on with enough "Leninist" bullshit about
adapting to imperialism no one will call your bluff.

Guess again. Put up, or shut up.


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