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John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Tue Feb 4 23:20:14 MST 2003

> From: Mike Friedman wrote:
> I would stake out a middle ground on this one. On
> Saturday, I walked into a Colombian bakery in Queens
to find the workers and clientele watching the shuttle
disaster on TV and clearly upset and saddened by 
> the loss of human life.

But we are not in a Colombian bakery in Queens but in
a list of allegedly hardened Marxists who would not be
lured into fake sentimentalism about the "loss of
life" of innocente bystanders and rank and file GI,
but a disaster forced upon the militarization of
science of a group of mostly officers of the imperial
Armed Forces, right?

  And there 
> is a distinction to be made regarding the deaths of
> even soldiers on  and off the battlefield. Would you
try to win over all of the young men and women who
join the army with the illusion of obtaining career 
> skills and a decent income, by telling them that
> they are all " servants of the New World Order" and
deserve to die?

And who said that about "young men and women who join
the Army, etc"  We are talking of members of the elite
officers corp here.  Doesn't that make a difference? 
Next, I will heard about the "boys" we are sending as
"Special Forces" somewhere around the world.  The
Officer Corps and the Special Forces are professional
soldiers, not rank and file soldiers or "boys and
girls" who joined the army to get jobs.  Got the
difference?  And the first thing that occurs in any
regular army that permits the work among rank and file
soldiers is the just hatred for their officer caste.
Promote it. Discredit, dennounce and poke fun about
them, their patriotism and their fake "values."

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