John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Tue Feb 4 23:33:44 MST 2003

Louis Proyect wrote:
> Subject: Re: Trotsky on nuclear power

> I found the passage in Deutscher's anthology, which
> is long out of print, but doing a google search I
discovered it on MIA, which says that it was 
> written in 1926.
> I might also say a few words at some point about
> Trotsky's long-time infatuation with Freudianism,
which is about as reductionist a "science" as 
> one can find. In fact, I just might write an article
> tieing all these things together.

Talking about nuclear energy in 1926 was as when we
talk about cold fision in this century: the most
advanced hope for the development of science.  Trotsky
dis just that.  I would think that any Marxist today,
if they lived at that time, would be as open to new
discoveries in sciences as he was at the time.
Impossible to tell then what the uses and practical
implications and difficulties will nuclear energy -
not nuclear power as you said he said - bring over

Same thing with freudian theories on Psichology at the
beginning last century.  If it was not for freud, we
would still in the dark about pichology in general. 
Freu was a genius and the most advanced of his time in
that regards, indepedently of what we could say TODAY
about his contributions.

Only if Marxists today would dare to be at the
forefront of the science of our time as Marx, Lenin,
Engles and Trotsky were about science in their times,
would Marxism still be considered the most advanced
method of analysis.  Instead, some "marxists" today
only borrow from middle class ideologues.

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