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Wed Feb 5 00:41:47 MST 2003

Dan Peyser wrote:

>While I just subscribed to this, I guess I feel like it's worth noting
>that both said parties have thrown around insults. That said, that's
>also nothing new, just look at Marx's correspondence with Bakunin. Point
>being, there is a very concrete irony in unsubscribing someone from a
>list for discussing Marxist theory for engaging in something that Marx
>was (not irregularly) guilty of. Same goes for Lenin. It's just the
>nature of polemics.

Forgive me for not having the brain cells to respond particularly
elequently (plus, I'm new - hi!), but i would just like to suggest that
perhaps we should be thinking in terms of what the policies of this
list, and what they should be, instead of what the particular mannerisms
of our historical leaders were. Just because we feel the need to have
certain rules on a semi-formal discussion list such as this, it doesn't
mean that we can't be complete assholes elsewhere.

-Jeffrey Piercy

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