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Wed Feb 5 05:46:31 MST 2003

Hello All,
I agree with Lou's action here.  I see email lists as a means to do a
certain kind of brain work.  The problem with email is the communication of
emotion.  A socialist world regulates how people will create emotional ties.
Abusiveness in relationships is one example of how we would intervene to
prevent men from using various emotional options to bully women.

Name calling is a particular symptom of how emotions intensify.  As the
feelings increase in intensity, the narrowness of the focus of meaning also
occurs.  That narrowness of focus in any given person may be some of their
core truths, but the work of thinking is a broader process (see
neuroscience).  When one is not so intense one can think about the nuances
of the opposition and respond in depth, when intensity reaches high levels
the work quality declines.  This is a working place for brain work which has
certain serious goals.

This remark does address the dialectic.  The purpose of the left is to
provide a thinking place for the working class to participate and develop
their minds as a group in a left grouping.  The differences that Lou speaks
about that exist on this list will continue and dynamically develop.  The
distribution list will show that, but not because people focused their
feelings upon someone, calling them names.  Names are a direct way to
establish connectivity to another person in emotional ties.  If those people
have no emotional solidarity, all surrounding will be caught up in the
intensity of conflict and the only emotion possible will be intense, which
precludes anyone not wanting to be caught up in the intensity from working
in an emotionally wider way.

Lou's decision therefore defends the integrity of the social group.  The
integrity being related to the degree in which a calming connection between
members of the group allows a great deal more brain work to be done in a
great deal more detail, with diversity of opinion.
Doyle Saylor

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