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This is from Zaman (Time), a Turkish newspaper that seems fairly


"Forcing God's Hand"

War supporters say that every probable bad and destructive result is a
"conspiracy" in order to prove the rightness of USA's war based on no
legitimacy. According to them, USA will put on its velvet gloves, go to
Iraq and will terminate the empire of evil without hurting any one. What
will come after is the beginning of a new life of paradise not only for
Iraq but also for the entire region.

It is obvious that the entire region is on the threshold of a great
disaster. Those who will foremost be affected from this scenario of
Apocalypse are doubtless the Palestinians. If the war awaited by Sharon
and the falcons of Israel in hunger takes place in the anticipated way,
hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who live on the historical
Palestinian territory will be exiled from their land.

I had talked about this scenario a few days ago. Sharon and his
extensions in USA believe that the Iraq war provides them with a
historical opportunity. According to a sinister plan elaborated years
ago, the ultimate solution of the "Palestinian issue" is the exile of
all the Palestinians to Jordan and Israel's taking over the historical
Palestinian land completely. If the Iraq war results in the splitting up
of Iraq, the southern part of the country may be given to Jordan under
the rule of one of the Hashimis-probably the Prince Hassan. Thus
Palestinians who live in Palestine today and refugees who live outside
of Palestine will be gathered here. There is no need to say that
Jerusalem is supposed to be entirely given to Israel.

This is neither a prediction nor a conspiracy theory. This is only a
fanaticism, madness. This is a target elaborated years ago and a plan
that is supposed to be realized at an appropriate time. Israelis
themselves loudly verbalize this sinister plan which is the ideal of
Sharon and fanatic Jews who deeply affect USA's present administration.
Because they too are deeply worried about a scenario of Apocalypse

Raya Rotem, Chairwoman of the Israeli Women's Peace Organization, who
participated as a speaker in the anti-war meeting organized by "the
Assembly of 100" on January 25, 2003, in Istanbul stated this openly and
clearly. Rotem said "Sharon government will use the Iraq war as a screen
to send the Palestinians into exile." (Zaman, January 26, 2003) Raya
Rotem also said that the war will change the structure of not only Iraq
but also the whole Middle East.

Those who think that all strategical calculations and wars based on
these calculations in the world are always made in the pure "right
mental framework" are often mistaken. There are so big calamities in the
history; when one goes to the roots, one sees that a blind fanaticism
caused all these. Which of Hitler's madness was the result of a



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