Russia, France warned: Back Powell rap or no oil!

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Wed Feb 5 08:38:50 MST 2003

France & Russia warned support US war on Iraq or
 no Iraqi oil

 World Industry News
 Oil and Gas International, January 27, 2003

 (1/27/2003 - OGI: Cairo) France and Russia have
 been warned they must support the US military
 invasion and occupation of Iraq if they want
 acess to Iraqi oilfields in a post-Saddam Hussein
 Iraq. According to a report in today's Tehran
 Times, US Senator Richard Lugar, a leading member
 of the Bush administration and Republican Party
 chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations
 Committee, said Russia and France "must be ready
 to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in any US-led
 military intervention" if they want a share of
 Iraqi oil.

   The paper quoted Lugar as saying that Paris and
 Moscow oil companies will be deprived of Iraqi
 oil and have no share in the country's resources
 if they refuse to join in the US war to oust
 Hussein. It noted that both the Russian Duma and
 the French parliament have both expressed
opposition to a US military attack on Iraq.

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