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Louis Proyect wrote:

> This is from Zaman (Time), a Turkish newspaper that seems fairly
> progressive.
> "Forcing God's Hand"

'Fairly progressive' is a rather vague term, a more precise term in the case
of Zaman would be 'islamist'.

Quoted from:

New faces of Islam, Wendy Kristianasen, Monde Diplomatique July 1997
"It is in the fertile terrain of the "Anatolian tigers" that Fethullah
Gulen, leader of the most important offshoot of the Nurcu religious
movement, has made a name for himself. He has succeeded where Turgut Ozal
and Cem Boyner (the white hope of the left) both failed. He has given the
provincial capitalists a voice - and in return won their money for his small
empire. An alternative to MUSIAD and to Refah, he appeals to the
conservative businessmen of Denizli, Antep, Bursa, Kocaeli, Maras....
Puritanical, nationalistic, conservative, hard-working, these generators of
new Anatolian wealth have no ties to banks or politicians. They have
family-run companies which use high-tech production methods of the first
The Fethullah phenomenon relies on elitism and lots of money (the movement
has its own vakif). This has gone into setting up schools, charities and
companies in Turkey and beyond, in Central Asia. In Albania he had a camp
running before the diplomatic fraternity moved in. His schools, some 50 in
Turkey and over 200 abroad, have become bastions of the Turkish elite. Then
there is publishing: the Zaman newspaper, a TV channel, videos, cassettes,
books, magazines."
Sibel Eraslan and other Islamist intellectuals (such as Ali Bulac, Ismet
Ozel, Rasim Ozdendoren, Ilhan Kutluer) see this model of an Islamic state as
"the mirror image of the secular state, not a departure from it... Modernity
transformed the umma into a state, and therein lie all the problems....
(6)." They would like to see, not a state, but a series of self-governing
communities - a loose and ill-defined concept which has not prevented them
from joining ranks with Refah.
6) See Sami Zubaida, "Turkish Islam and National Identity", Middle East
Report, no. 199, Washington DC, April-June 1996.

Fethullah Gulen website

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