Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Feb 5 09:55:19 MST 2003

A Marxmail subscriber wrote me offlist:
> How about a little consistency, Lou. I've been subjected to David's
> bullshit, too, but I would hope we all have thicker skins than that.

You are right that Marxmail subscribers get out of line from time to
time and that I don't always warn them about being unsubbed, but
Schanoes was distinguished by his CONSISTENTLY STRIDENT AND
CONFRONTATIONAL TONE from the minute he arrived. It was exactly this
posture that got him thrown off Henwood's list, although 50 percent of
that was attributable to his Marxist politics.

Schanoes arrived on Jan. 3rd, a day or so after getting the boot from
LBO talk. Over the next couple of days, he posted THIRTY times. THIRTY
times is enough to get my attention, believe you me.

But look at the sort of things he was writing from the get-go:

In his very second post to Marxmail, he referred to long-time peace
activist as a representative of a religious institution "engaged in the
sanctioning and masking of rape and child molestation?" I took one look
at that and questioned his political judgement.

 From there, he went to accusing people of building a POPULAR FRONT, a
kind of accusation I hadn't heard on a Marxism list since the bad old
days when we had Spartacist League sympathizers polluting the waters:
"And what you are proposing is specifically NOT a united front which is
formed on a class basis but a popular front".

Then he tells a British subscriber, "I don't know you, so I should be
hesitant to attribute your remarks to typical British imperial
insularity, shallowness, and arrogance, but the truth is, that's the
only description that is appropriate to your ignorant comment on Iraq."

He sort of told us where he was coming from politically with this
startling admission, "This is exactly what happened with the anti-VN war
mobes, to the point where the Mobes march marshalls attacked Marxist
groups carrying banners urging victory to the VN workers and defeat of
the US military.  I had a few glorious moments punching out some of the
Mobe marshalls myself, assisted I'm fortunate to say by several people
bigger, and much nastier than myself."

In other words, one of the proudest moments of his radical youth was
getting into a fist-fight with antiwar demonstration marshalls.

All this crapola was hitting the list just like Columbia shuttle debris
over a 2 day span. With such an inauspicious debut, I can only question
my judgement in not calling him to order sooner.


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