Alan Bradley and NIBS on East Timor

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at
Wed Feb 5 13:04:32 MST 2003

It is entirely true that the anti-war movement has lost its bite since
the Australian occupation of East Timor. And as NIBS says it is also
true that it is partly because of the DSP call for troops into timor.

WHy is this? The DSP can only give an answer based on the fact that
they and many in the movement were overcome with emotion when seeing the horr
-ors of the pro-indo militias. For those procliaming to be marxists, we have to base
our views on the scientific analysis of the world we live in. Not call for bigger people
to help the "helpless" timorese because things look bad.

As an aside, I was a DSP supporter at the time, and i would like to appologise for my roel
I was only young and di not know better.

What affect has the DSP call had on the general situation.

1. It gave him (John Howard) a new lease of life. In fact during the 2001 elections, he claimed
that he "had made the tough decisions".
2. Allowed for increased military funding with widespread public support.
3. Developed illusions in the United Nations, among the general population.
4. Gave the military a new lease of life. Nowadays ANZAC marches are bigger
and they have pious tv adds claiming how good they are in building EastTimor.

The bit of the anti-war movement has been sapped by other factors as well.
A. The DSP and socialist alliance bureaucratically dominating various coalitions.
B. People seeing the anti-war in afghanistan marches to closely related to the
election campaigns of the socialist alliance being run at the time.
C. And the current backlash against "political correctness" and "postmodernism"
which the left, including myself and my organisation hasnt effectively countered.


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