PR Truths from Hill & Knowlton to Benador Associates

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Wed Feb 5 14:23:54 MST 2003

We all remember the incubators' story in 1991, cleverly concocted in the 
offices of the Hill & Knowlton PR firm. (312 babies taken out of the 
incubators..., told Nayirah...)

In 1993/1999, in the Balkans, it was Ruder & Finn
Quote: Ruder & Finn used to list among its clients "[The] Republic of Albania, 
Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republic of Croatia, 'Republic of Kosova' 
(emphasis added)" in its Tourism & Economic Development - International 
Relations Section of its Web site. One of his directors, James Harff, was 
interviewed by Jacques Merlino, a French journalist, in April 1993 (yes, as far 
back as 1993!). In that interview Mr. Harff expressed his satisfaction for 
having influenced - others would say manipulated - the Jewish public opinion. 
Ruder & Finn had been instrumental in pushing the story of Serbian 
concentration camps. Eventually, Newsday published those stories. Says 
Harff: "That was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered 
the game on the side of the Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs 
with the Nazis in the public mind
 By a single move we were able to present 
a simple story of good guys and bad guys which would hereafter play itself
Almost immediately there was a clear change of language in the press, with 
use of words with emotional content such as 'ethnic cleansing' and 
'concentration camps,' which evoke images of Nazi Germany and the gas 
chambers of Auschwitz." Merlino then asks, "when you did this, you had no 
proof that what you said was true." Harff: "Our work is not to verify 
. Our work is to accelerate the circulation of information 
favorable to us
. We are professionals. We had a job to do and we did it. 
We are not paid to moralize."Unquote

Well, in 2001/2003, it's Benador Associates...

"Each of our experts is nationally and internationally recognized on issues of 
the Middle East and national security, among others. We are confident each 
of them makes your event, radio or television show a unique one."

"Among the speakers are James Woolsey, A.M. Rosenthal, Richard Perle, 
and the Iraqi nuclear scientist, Dr. Khidhir Hamza."

"The truth must be told about Iraq. The opportunity to liberate Iraq should not 
be missed. We must not shrink the duty to rescue the peoples of Iraq from 
their oppressors.

To re-focus the Iraqi debate on the need to achieve genuine and verifiable 
disarmament, and to underline the need for liberating the peoples of Iraq from 
their shackles, we are organising this first seminar in Washington, D.C.

Our message is clear: Saddam must go. The war machine assembled by the 
tyrant to terrorise and kill must be broken. 

Iraq must have a new government of its free choosing. 

We were warned of the dangers that led to September 11 and we did not 
listen.  Now, we are warned of the dangers coming from Saddam Hussein's 
diabolic regime if we allow it to reign further.  

The United States and its allies must act to support the peoples of Iraq 
achieve their freedom and at the same time eliminate one of the greatest 
dangers the civilized world is facing. 

And the time to act is NOW."

So it goes...

Gilles d'Aymery

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