Columbia Explosion

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Wed Feb 5 18:15:58 MST 2003

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This is my first post here.  I flollowed the Columbia discussion.  I
don't think we can afford to disregard the space shuttle's existence as
a symbol of American technological and economic dominance.
Unfortunately or fortunately that's the only purpose I can see in the

Whether one is happy or saddened by the event, or thinks the shuttle had
scientific value, we should understand its function as a symbol .  The
failure of the shuttle, on such a spectacular level (and I use spectacle
in precisely the manner the Situationists describe spectacle and its
functions) will be seen by some as tragedy, some as humorous, based, I
think, on their differing allegiances to the class promoting the

Jose's suggestion to his opponents that they download the shuttle
presskit (11 megs!) simply attests to the spectacular nature and purpose
of the shuttle program: to emphasize the rightness, the historical
necessity of objects abstracted from the society as a whole.

This event differs completely from Sept. 11 in that no terrorism is
involved.  The spectacle is that of American capitalism's technological
dominance failing on its own terms, which can be traced back to a
budget.  The spectacle takes us back to the most mundance and prosaic of

 I wouldn't consider this failure a victory for revolution. I also
 wouldn't be worried about the great loss to science, humanity, etc.

That's one man's opinion. Thanks


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