Alan Bradley, NIBs, East Timor and anti-war movement

Kim Bullimore k_bullimore at
Wed Feb 5 19:52:50 MST 2003

Oppps,  I just re-read my post and realised that it may give the impression,
because I was responding to David's remarks about the DSP supposedly
"bureacratically dominating collectives", that I was saying that the ALP was
bureacratically dominating the Sydney Walk Against War Coalition.  This
actually wasn't what I was trying to say.  Sorry for any confusion.

By saying the ALP was  "politically dominant" I was referring to the fact
that out of all the political parties or groupings involved in the
collective, there are far more ALP members attending than DSP members or
Socialist Alliance members, so therefore there is no way the DSP or
Socialist Alliance could bureacratically dominate this collective or other
similar anti-war collectives as these collectives are made up of a broad
spectrum of people, including the Greens, the ALP, socialist groups, church
groups, community groups as well as other individual activists.


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