Rival (?) student antiwar groups

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Jacob Levich wrote:

> Anyone know anything about NYSPC, and how it may or may not differ
> from CAN?

Google is your friend.

According to their website (www.nyspc.net)...

"Members of the National Youth & Student Peace Coalition include:

180/Movement for Democracy and Education
Black Radical Congress-Youth Division
Campus Greens
Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada
National Youth Advocacy Coalition
Not With Our Money
Student Environmental Action Coalition
Student Peace Action Network
Students United for a Responsible Global Environment
Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations
United Students Against Sweatshops
United States Student Association
Young Communist League
Young Democratic Socialists
Young People's Socialists League"

As far as NCAN, their website (www.antiwarnetwork.org) lists the members
list as "...comming soon...", however I did find this:


The National Campus Antiwar Network (NCAN) is a nation-wide organization
of campus-based antiwar coalitions and committees.  We were formed at
the National Student Antiwar Conference held at Columbia University on
February 22-24, 2002.  The Columbia University conference brought
together over 200 elected student delegates from almost 50 schools
across the United States and Canada.  Delegates came to the conference
with the goal of establishing a national organization of campus antiwar
coalitions that could act in a united way and make decisions
democratically, from the bottom up.

NCAN is divided into 8 geographical regions: Northeast, Tristate
(NY/NJ/CT), Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Southwest, Mid-West, California,
and Northwest.  Each region elects 2 representatives to our national
coordinating committee.

Check www.antiwarconference.org for information on how we were formed,
including minutes and proposals that were submitted."

anitwarconference.org claims the "West Coast Anti-War Student
Conference" was "Hosted by San Francisco State University Students
Against War." Anyway, it lists _it's_ endorsers as
"San Francisco State University-Students Against War
UC Berkeley Stop the War Coalition
University of California, Davis
University of California, Santa Cruz
California State University, Humboldt
Notre Dame de Namur University-Belmont, CA
University of California, San Diego
Seattle Central Community College
University of Washington
Portland State University
University of Vermont
George Washington University
Northeastern University"

Hope this all helps somehow.
Jeffrey Piercy

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