World's Nations Oppose War Against Iraq

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Subject: Re: World's Nations Oppose War Against Iraq

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> Subject: World's Nations Oppose War Against Iraq [WWW.STOPNATO.ORG.UK]

>I did a rough count this morning based on anti-war websites and found 
>that anti-war actions have been announced for some 116 locales worldwide 
>for Feb. 15, with another 4 set for Feb. 16.  Of those 116, some over 40 
>are in the US.   Naturally, this means that there are many more that 
>have been publicized the old-fashioned way or simply have not had their 
>nfo forwarded to the websites I checked.

In Norway, in addition to Oslo (pop 500 000), there will be demonstrations in Bergen (235 000), Bodø (42 000), Elverum (19 000), Kristiansand (74 000),
Lillehammer (25 000), Stavanger (110 000), Tromsø (60 500) and Trondheim (152 000). There will be several others as well, I reckon, but they haven't forwarded info.

In Longyearbyen on Svalbard (or Spitzbergen) there will be a demo the 11th of february, probably the northernmost in the world.


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