Shuttles and Jose

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Thu Feb 6 09:26:59 MST 2003

>> I hardly expect the Pentagon to insist on keeping the old tech if NASA
comes up with a better internal combusiton engine. <<

José must have intended parentheses around "internal combustion". Otherwise,
the sentence would have to rank with Joe Hansen's (bless his memory)
description in 1969 of the Apollo moon rocket engines as "jet engines". :-)

>> I'll confess to having come to some fairly harsh conclusions about this
current and especially their irresponsible claims, playing fast and loose
with the facts, pretending to be all sorts of things, like space experts,
when in reality they don't have a clue.<<

Yes, but keep in mind, José that they come from a country where the leading
Trotskyist (J. Posadas) for many years insisted that extra-terrestrials were
visiting earth....


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