Shuttles and Jose

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Thu Feb 6 16:06:43 MST 2003

>>José must have intended parentheses around "internal combustion".
the sentence would have to rank with Joe Hansen's (bless his memory)
description in 1969 of the Apollo moon rocket engines as "jet engines".

Actually I did mean internal combustion, as in cars and so on, not rocket
engines. Among the experiments that were carried on the Columbia, and for
which a lot of data was sent down at the time they were carried out, were
several having to do with figuring out how to make combustion more efficient
how to eliminate soot, etc.

The head science officer of NASA gave a presser I think it was Wednesday
where he talked about some of these investigations, how the principal
researchers (i.e., scientists on the ground) had been really excited by the
inititial data, and so on.

He was, of course, putting a brave face on a bad situationand all that, but
from what he said, at first blush, you clould see how the investigations and
the results could be significant. One thing they did was get combustion
flames 1/100th of a candle's flame, which had never been done before, and
which, it was said, is important because the smaller the droplets that
combust, the more thorough the combustion, less pollution, better efficiency
and so on.


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