Coal Mine Deaths in China

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"Taking Stock" of Coal Mine Deaths in China

Monthly News Review, December 2002

The official website of the State Administration of
Coal Mine Safety Supervision (SACMSS) provides a list
of major coal mine accidents in 2002, titled “Taking
stock of extremely serious accidents in 2002”.

They are merely counting the fatalities and the
disasters but we should not forget that these
statistics tell the horrible fate of China’s workers.
These miners were once living workers powering China’s
economic engine. “Taking stock” of their deaths is a
repulsive term and further demonstrates the travesty
of denying the miners the ability to organise
themselves against the appalling working conditions
that create these abhorrent statistics.

Despite the 20.4% decline in the coal mine fatality
rate to 4.86 deaths per million ton reported by the
State Administration of Work Safety in 2002, the
number of miners killed has actually increased -- 5798
in 2000, 5395 in 2001 and up again to 5791 in 2002.

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