Australian public service union resolution on Iraq

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Thu Feb 6 19:02:38 MST 2003

It's pretty pathetic, but anyway for what it's worth, this is the official
Community and Public Sector Union line on the war. It contains the
Australian Council of Trade Unions line as well.

NMC endorses the following recommendation to National Council
 ¡§CPSU (PSU Group) National Council notes  
1. The imminent likelihood of war with Iraq and the grave possibility that
such war may involve Australian Defence Personnel and Reserves.  
2. That there is currently no political consensus about the course of
action adopted by the Australian government in relation to UN Resolution
1441 and the handling of this crisis by the US government.
3. That the personal views of CPSU members about this matter will mirror
the spectrum of opinion in the community. 
4. That many members in the public sector will have key roles in
implementing any government decision and supporting Australian personnel
involved in any conflict.
5. That there is a high degree of uncertainty and concern in the community
about the war and its possible consequences and that some CPSU members are
active in anti war campaigns.
6. That there have been requests from some members for the CPSU to express
a formal view on this crisis.
In considering these points, NC has concluded that it is appropriate for
the CPSU to express a formal view on this issue.  In doing so, NC
acknowledges the differences of personal view that will exist among
members.  However, NC believes that as an organisation with an important
role in the community and as part of the wider union movement we should
contribute constructively to the public debate. 

Specifically the CPSU endorses the Statement of the ACTU Executive carried
on 26 November that: -
„h condemns terrorism, 
„h calls on Iraq to surrender its weapons of mass destruction,
„h opposes any unilateral declaration of war with Iraq, 
„h deplores any linkage of support for the war with US/Aust free trade
„h supports the United Nations processes to resolve this conflict, 
„h demands that every effort be made to find a long term peaceful solution 
„h urges all nations to eliminate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons,
„h calls on all unions to work for peaceful and just solutions to the
world¡¦s problems
In addition the CPSU National Council 
„h calls on the government and all political parties to ensure that there
is full public and parliamentary debate before any decision is made to
commit Australians to war,
„h calls on all members to work in their communities and workplaces for
peace and the advancement of human rights and dignity.  In particular we
note that the elimination of poverty and gross inequity is the foundation
for building a more just world and a more lasting peace.
In the event of conflict, the CPSU recognises that many members have key
roles in implementing government decisions.   National Council expresses it
support for our members in fulfilling their duties as public servants.¡¨

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