Picket TODAY 1 pm for rights of 2-15 protest in NYC ...(and join weekend leafleting)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Feb 6 23:37:04 MST 2003

United for Peace and Justice just learned that our hearing tomorrow (Friday,
Feb. 7) before Federal Judge Barbara Jones has been rescheduled for an
earlier time. The judge will be hearing our legal challenge to New York
City's denial of a march permit for February 15.

The rally outside the hearing will now begin at 1:00PM -- please come out
and take a stand in favor of your right to march on February 15, which may
be our last chance to prevent war on Iraq.

WHAT: Rally for your right to march on February 15
WHEN: 1-3PM, Friday, February 7
WHERE: United States Federal Courthouse, Foley Square, Centre & Worth
Streets, Manhattan
Please join us this during this last week in a massive leafleting blitz.
Wherever you live, you can print out leaflets from our website -- we've got
many options, including English, Spanish, Korean, French, and Creole

In NYC, our goal is to distribute more than a quarter million leaflets and
reach every corner of the city!  Contact the leafleting point person for
your area, meet up with folks at the UFPJ office, or pick up leaflets at one
of our many distribution centers and hand them out with a friend. (All this
info below.) Street leafleting coordinator: LrKielson1 at aol.com

Leaflets, buttons, stickers, and posters are also available in the UFPJ
office all week, 9-9 weekdays, 10-6 weekends: 330 W. 42nd St, 8th floor
(betw 8th & 9th Aves); 646-473-8935

There will be a volunteer meeting at the UFPJ office at 11am on Saturday;
afterwards, we'll split up and spread out around the city with leaflets,
buttons, stickers, and posters. Come to the office at 1pm Saturday or noon
Sunday if you just want to hook up with people to leaflet.

WHAT: Citywide Leafleting Blitz
WHERE: In your neighborhood or an area of NYC that needs volunteers!!!
WHAT: Volunteer Meeting
WHEN: Saturday Feb 8th, 11am
WHERE: 330 W. 42nd street, between 8-9th ave, 8th floor

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