Liberal degeneration continues unabated

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Feb 7 07:10:04 MST 2003

Christopher Hitchens now has his own author's page on super-reactionary
David Horowitz's Frontpage website:

Frontpage also has a red-baiting symposium titled "The 'Peace' Movement:
a Front for the Anti-American Left?" Participants include postmodernist
professor Michael Berube, who has attacked Chomsky and Ramsey Clark in
the bourgeois press, Sean Wilentz, a labor historian who contributes
frequently to the Nation, and Ronald Radosh, the author of a book
'proving' the guilt of the Rosenbergs and more recently a scandalous
tome claiming that Franco's victory was good for the Spanish people.
During the 1960s, both Horowitz and Radosh were considered new left
scholars of some repute. Berube and Wilentz seem headed down the road
they've alreay taken.

Turning to the rancid outlet that has trailblazed this sort of
redbaiting, the website of the Nation Magazine ( has 2
items of note. One by David Corn starts off:

"Secretary of State Colin Powell convinced me. I am ready to bomb Iraq
and wipe out the terrorists. Allow me to explain.

"It's not that an invasion and occupation is justified at this time.
Powell's presentation at the United Nations made a strong case...for the
proposition that Saddam Hussein is a deceitful SOB who probably does
want to preserve whatever sort of mass-killing weapons programs he can
hide from UN inspectors. Let's accept as a given that Saddam is
concealing such programs and not fully cooperating with the inspections
program. Is the most effective response a massive US military action
aimed at toppling his murderous regime and one that leaves Washington
responsible for what comes next?"

This observation leads Corn to call for the bombing of al-Qaeda camps in
Iraq, while warning threatening the Iraqi government with "the selective
use of force at sites where the Iraqis might not be cooperating." With
friends like this, the peace movement does not need enemies.

You can also find a snide report on the British antiwar movement by a
certain D.D. Guttenplan that adopts the tone of somebody who has take an
sip of sour milk:

"Here in Britain a January organizing meeting for the Stop the War
Coalition brought together union activists, Trotskyist veterans,
stalwarts from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND),
antiglobalization campaigners, and a variety of Palestinian and Muslim
groups. Holding such a disparate alliance together isn't easy, and the
Coalition, whose organizing sinew comes largely from the Socialist
Workers Party and from the more militant unions, isn't exactly a model
of participatory democracy. At the meeting I attended the organizers
kept tight control of the agenda, and though many items were put to a
vote the results still hadn't shown up on the Coalition website nearly a
month later. There was also the sense, familiar to those of us with
memories of sectarian politics, that much had been decided beforehand,
and that certain groups were immune from criticism."

Fuck 'em all, I say.


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