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Fri Feb 7 08:43:07 MST 2003

I have found Armand Diego's comments in this threat to be quite illuminating
and thought-provoking. His postings have encouraged me to do some research
concerning another government-funded organization often thought of as
primarily engaged in non-military activities.

I am referring to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, popularly
known as Amtrak. Amtrak provides passenger and freight railroad
transportation.  It is supposedly a private for-profit corporation (yet
remains in business despite constantly losing money.) It is funded by the
Federal Government and the "private" corporation is almost wholly owned by
the U.S. Department of Transportation, whose head reports directly to the
President of the United States. The President is the "Commander in Chief" of
the world's leading imperialist military organization.

Government funding for Anmtrak is provided through legislation enacted by
the U.S. Congress. As Lou Paulsen has informed us, Congress  is a body
currently composed only of representatives of the bourgeoisie.

 Some of its government funding is provided by the sinister-sounding
"National Defense Interstate Rail Act," which provides money for Amtrak's
so-called "security" programs. These programs have intensified since
September 11, 2001, a date celebrated by all oppressed people (and their
allies) for demonstrating the weaknesses of U.S. imperialism.

In addition to providing civilian passenger transportation, Amtrak also
transports members of the U.S. armed forces, many of whom openly wear their
military uniforms on supposed "passenger trains."

Many of Amtrak's locomotive engineers (often referred to as "cosmonauts")
have served in imperialist armies.

Every time that a train running for New York (location of Wall Street) to
Washington, D.C. (center of imperialist political power) is late -- and
that's quite frequent -- represents a demonstration of the weakness of U.S.
imperialism. In these difficult times, we can maintain our morale by
reviewing Amtrak's rather poor "on-time" records.

And, there have been spectacularly accidents causing injury and death to
passengers, cosmonauts, as well as motorists in the vicinity of the train.,
another source of solace for the oppressed.

I am not making any of this up -- it can be completely documented through
_governmental_ websites.  I encourage all subscribers (particularly Armand
Diego) to replicate my research endeavors.

And there is historical precedent for these military activities. The
following statement appears on the website of the Department of
Transportation of the State of Connecticut. For subscribers who do not live
in the U.S., it should be noted that Connecticut is one of the original 13
states of the U.S., and has furnished troops and supplies for numerous
imperialist wars. Here is a governmental admission:

"The United States War Department and the War Production Board, anticipating
shortages, established priority and preference ratings for materials
considered essential to the war effort. Many of them, particularly steel and
asphalt, were integral to road construction. To handle the priority
applications for both state and federal road construction projects, the
Highway Department established a new section just to handle processing.
Between September 1, 1941 and September 1, 1942, approximately 370 priority
applications were made by the Department to obtain materials, machinery, and
repair parts."

(And Connecticut is a very small state. )

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