Re.: Liberal degeneration continues unabated

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Fri Feb 7 10:12:44 MST 2003

One of the tenets of capitalism is that anything or anybody can be
bought.  Some may wonder why capitalists spend such huge sums on war
when they could simply buy out the opposition with the same or even less
amount of funds, with a lot less damage to lives and the environment.
For instance, the billions spent to buttress certain Latin American
states could have been retargeted  to drop money instead of bombs, food
instead of bullets, schools instead of torture chambers, etc., and that
would have effectively defused the revolutionary impulse of the populace
while improving their lot, and putting a human face on imperialism.  How
would the perceptions of the Muslim world change in instead of an
invasion, the United States determined to subvert the Iraqi regime with
massive infusions of capital aimed at the improvement of social
conditions for the masses?

This argument may fly with idealist liberals, but not with Marxists.
The purpose of violent repression is  not only to sustain the status quo
in one country, but to to keep order around the globe, and, most
importantly, to create profits for capitalist enterprise.  In other
words, such a benificent approach to resistance as mentioned above is
simply uncapitalistic.  Nonetheless, US President JFKennedy tried to
distract some with the Peace Corps. Very nice.  Whenever some
self-congratulatory yuppie relates their Peace Corps days to me--with
intimations of auto-beatification-- I realize I am in the presence of an
unwitting imperialist bamboozler.

Are Corn, Hitchens, et al, unwitting?
Radosh? Horowitz?  ouf!  stankay!
I fear they are corrupted and corrupting.
One thing is to be caught up in the capitalist enterprise because one
has no other opportunity to see life in other terms, as many workers are
so trapped, but to slide into capital's slimey embrace from the left is
I will save you from my disgusting analogies.
But you may use your imagination . . .

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