Feb. 15, an opportunity to hawk literature?

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Fri Feb 7 10:14:45 MST 2003

>>As in the past, Democratic party politicians and other pro-capitalist
forces will play a prominent part in these actions, fostering illusions
that the war drive can be stopped with a different leader at the helm,
promoting the UN "inspections" as a peaceful alternative, and--above
all--appealing to patriotic sentiments. These figures, along with
middle-class pacifist forces, will largely fall in behind the war effort
once the shooting starts, arguing that a quick and clean war is the best
way to get "our boys" home safe and well.<<

Surely you jest. This is the same Spartacist bull we always had at antiwar
conferences way back when ... "bourgeois speakers off the platform."
Denunciations of the SWP's popular front with Vance Hartke and all that.

Also, what do they mean "once the shooting starts"?

BTW, the SWP sent some folks to set up a lit table at an antiwar teach-in at
GSU. Prominently *missing* from the offering was Fred Halsted's book, "Out


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