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Laugh as UK PM digs holes and jumps on in...

Tony Blair on Newsnight

Friday February 7, 2003

Jeremy Paxman: Good evening, welcome to a Newsnight special in which
we'll be cross-examining the prime minister on the confrontation with
Iraq.  After yesterday's performance at the UN America looks more
determined than ever to go to war.

Our government is George Bush's closest ally yet many here and around
the world would not believe the case for war has been made.  Tonight
in the Baltic Centre in Gateshead we've invited the prime minister to
face an audience of ordinary people from here in the north-east, all
of whom are sceptical about the arguments for war with Iraq.  Facing
them is the prime minister. He has confessed himself worried he has
not yet made the case for war.

Tonight, taking questions from our audience and from me he'll have the
chance to do so.

Prime minister, for you to commit British forces to war there has to
be a clear and imminent danger to this country - what is it?

Tony Blair: The danger is that if we allow Iraq to develop chemical,
biological, and nuclear weapons they will threaten their own region,
there is no way that we would be able to exclude ourselves from any
regional conflict there was there as indeed we had to become involved
last time they committed acts of external aggression against Kuwait.

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