Population Control

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Thanks for the quick reply.  But I think
the real danger is in speculative thinking
absent the historical grounding.   It's one
thing, I think to talk about the social
costs of "the middle class lifestyle,"
it's another thing to say "the middle class
 lifestyle cannot be sustained by the
 limited natural resources of the planet."

Sure it can, by the progressive immiseration
of everybody else.

The first is more concrete and grounds the
 problem in society.  The second is highly
speculative and might appeal to the bourgeoisie,
 who would endorse the position whole heartedly
 and might use it to justify austerity.

I'm just saying we have to be really clear
in this matter to avoid the traps that
surround the discussion.   We certainly
don't want to suggest that there will be
a necessary reduction in medical care for
all (after recovering from the civil war
that would be precipitated by a revolution).

We might want to reorganize that medical care
and place it on a preventive care rather than
treatment platform, but still we have to be
sure to not associate the struggle for Marxism
with any of the regressive "small planet"
programs that crop up like viruses.

LV Nadal

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