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[A friend from Chicago sent the following -- appended is my own 
action (it's in French, you know the "old Europe"... Well I'm old!) Old 
or young, kindly act upon this friend's message. And Louis, if this is 
not proper for the list, please let me know on/off list. Thank you. 

Below you will find a very good idea that's been broached by Mark 
Crispin Miller with the hope of shoring up French Government 
resistance in the UN Security Council to any U.S./U.K. effort to pass 
a resolution legitimating the coming U.S./U.K. war over Iraq (i.e., 
cloaking their war of aggression with UN legalese--not that anyone 
honestly believes the terms of this maneuver, incidentally).-- Anyway.  
He writes:  

"I just spoke to the  French Mission to the UN, urging them as a U.S. 
citizen to vote against any  resolution authorizing war against Iraq--
rather than abstaining, which  apparently is what the Bush 
administration is expecting them to do.  The  person who answered 
the phone asked if I would put that in writing--and offered  to give me 
the mission's email address. "I found this encouraging--suggesting that 
at least some people in the mission are arguing for  casting a veto, and 
would like to have evidence of grassroots U.S. support for  such a 
move.   If you would like to provide such evidence, send a quick note 
to france-presse at "You don't have to explain at length WHY 
they should veto--they would like to veto.   Just tell them that you 
think they ought to veto too."  

Miller also adds the email addresses to the Permanent Missions to the 
UN of China and Russia, too (they, along with the U.S., U.K., and 
France comprising the "Permanent Five" members capable of vetoing 
any resolution that comes before the Security Council):  

    * China: chnun at
    * Russia: rf.mission at

One might, however, if one is so inclined, remember to underscore the 
fact that the United Nations (i.e., I mean the grand vision of a 
peacefully-ruled international order of the kind enumerated in the UN 
Charter--in the wake of the catastrophic destruction of not one, but 
TWO, World Wars last century), in the name of upholding all of the 
previous UN Security Council resolutions dating back to early 
August, 1990, has been commandeered by American Power (and its 
"toy poodle," Britain) in a way that, ultimately, CIRCUMVENTS and 
even CONTRAVENES the raison d'etre of the United Nations itself 
as a collective, democratic body organized to "save succeeding 
generations from the scourge of war." Finally, as Miller urges 
everyone who receives a copy of this email, "Please pass this on!  
This may be the last best chance of preventing war." Yes, indeed.  
Please DO pass it on.  Whether you yourself are willing to  
act upon it or not.

[My follow-up on the above message: (again it is in French. I can 
translate if needed)]

Cher Monsieur ou Madame,  

En tant que citoyen français, vivant aux Etats Unis depuis 1982, je 
vous implore de bien vouloir exercer le veto de la France dans le cas 
d’une nouvelle résolution du Conseil de Sécurité des Nations Unies 
qui aurait pour object d’approuver une intervention militaire contre 

Mr. Rumfeld peut penser que la France (et l‘Allemagne) appartient à 
la “vieille Europe” mais n’oublions jamais la Déclaration Universelle 
des Droits de l’Homme. N’oublions pas non plus notre expérience 
vécue, et celle de nos frères et soeurs allemands, des horreurs et 
destructions provoquées par la violence.  

Président Hussein n’est pas Hitler et Président Chirac n’est pas 
Chamberlain. Dans cette époque historique, alors que nous faisons 
face à la destruction écologique de notre planète et la paupérisation 
accentuée de milliards d’êtres humains, il est plus que temps de dire 
NON à la propagande, NON à la domination, NON à la guerre 
“sans fin” pour des ressources pétrolières.  

Au nom de l’humanité, au nom du people iraquien, au nom de mes 
amis américains qui, dans une grande majorité, refusent cette orgie de 
violence, et en mon nom, je vous prie encore de bien vouloir exercer 
le pouvoir de la France.  

Salutations distinguées,  

Gilles d’Aymery
[street address and phone number]

[Louis, please excuse me for the use of the bandwidth. Friends, please 

Gilles d'Aymery

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