Labor aristocracy/ Conspiracy theory of Marilyn Monroe's death

Dan Peyser dan at
Fri Feb 7 18:30:37 MST 2003

* Mike Ballard (swillsqueal at wrote:

> It's the total pile of commodities that counts--the
> social product of labour.

I think this is probably the most important point. While some workers
clearly have worse jobs than others, discussing which is more exploited
is not the point. Also, in dealing with skilled labor, such as a
craftsmen (to reference the violin example), we are talking about
something slightly different than unskilled labor. Part of white gave
rise to the commodity form was the creation of "labor-in-general,"
because of the massive amounts of deskilled labor created by

Also, in regards to "nature is also a source of wealth," this is true,
but human labour is what adds value to nature, by transforming it.
However, I have not read Marx's Ecology yet, and so I'm not sure if this
is covered in that. I could have missed something.


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