Population Control

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Thanks for the quote.  And the reference to the book.  My own views were formed during the 28 years I worked for a major (now merged) petroleum company in offshore/deepwater exploration and development.  The company  scheduled seminars with the scarcity theorists, paying them big bucks. Those of us engaged in actual development and production were never required to attend and were requested to refrain from questioning the "theorists" if we did attend.  Usually the seminars were scheduled at times and places like Denver or Chicago that were "inconevenient."

If you want to have a laugh read some of the papers by L.F.Ivanhoe, who, in 1995 was predicting a worldwide peak and permanent decline in oil production "possibly as soon as 2000."  Chicken little meets Y2K.

 The only scarcity I ever experienced was that of cash to fund the finding costs of offshore deepwater development, which are about 3 times higher than onshore costs.  Fortunately that scarcity never extended down to my personal compensation and when the merger occurred I pulled the cord on my inky parachute and floated like a happy, and fat, butterfly into onshore retirement.


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