Labor aristocracy/ Conspiracy theory of Marilyn Monroe's death

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sat Feb 8 12:09:28 MST 2003


>>True.  Highly skilled workers may be the most
exploited wage-slaves because the product which they
create may contain much more exchange-value.<<

High-value commodities may be so because they embody a great deal of
previously existing value, not value imparted by that particular worker,
whether skilled or un.

Commodities which produce extremely high rates of return (e.g. Microsoft
Windows and Office, 85% gross margin) are so not thanks to specific groups
of workers adding more than normal value in the process of production, but
rather much more likely due to other sources, for example, monopolization
with its attendant superprofits. These superprofits come from the labor not
just of the workers at microsoft but in many other enterprises. Microsoft is
eating someone else's lunch. In particular, the very great difficulties
computer manufacturers have obtaining substantial profits is attributable in
part to this as well as the Intel monopoly (or Intel-AMD duopoly).


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