Labor and other Aristocracies

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Sun Feb 9 10:04:54 MST 2003

Yahoo didn't work. Earthlink didn't
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I looked at the archives regarding the labor
aristocracy discussion, and unlike Anthony,
my feeling is that things haven't been made

In Anthony's own email he refers to three
factors leading to the relative high wages
of unionized employees, and none of those
three seem to have any connection to issue
of labor aristocracy and imperialism as Lenin
proposed, which I think is where the debate

Certain other assumptions of Anthony's should
be examined before being accepted-- namely that
government workers make more than their private
counterparts.  That wasn't what government 
workers in the energy business indicated to us
in the private sector.

What perplexes me though is something much
 more basic, a question of homework, really. As
I recall my reading of Lenin on imperialism and
privilege (years ago and I admit to no recent
rereading), the argument he makes is that the
export of capital to the colonies creates
a super-profit which is used to bribe workers in
the home countries.

The homework comes in by examining say the 100 largest
corporations in the US-- by any number of different
measures, revenues, assets, profit; it can include 
financial and service companies, and measuring total
payrolls assets, revenues, profits; proportion of
assets, payrolls,revenues, profits, assets
 derived from (or invested in
for assets, payrolls) in the so-called colonies;  

Except for one or two references, it is not clear
if the participants did that "grunt work."

Some of the things I've read seem to point to the
relatively small role played by the colonies.

 I think Lenin missed the mark, by a country,
or imperial, mile. 


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