Labor and Other Aristocracies

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Sun Feb 9 18:11:27 MST 2003

Louis Proyect:

Thank you for the lengthy and detailed response. It was
more than I expected.  I'm afraid I don't know who Doug
Henwood is, but that sounds like a good thing.

Several other things:I don't think it's immaterial getting
some sort of practical verification that
super-profits actually exist and are actually distributed
back to the mother country and from  there to the 
working class.  It seems to me to be a logical next

Also, I don't think it's a small step from there to saying
that the problem in Africa is the lack of investment.
It's a big step and one that takes us across a class line.
We would have to examine why that investment hasn't taken
place and we would then conclude that the obstacle to 
imperialism, to the export of capital, was imperialism itself.

However, my question is, if the investment isn't there, or is
not there in signifcant (to the full panorama of capital)
ratio, and the profit is not evident in the same proportion
then where are the super-profits.

Thank you for the discussion of the history of resource
export production by the LDCs. I have read about this (one
advantage to working off-shore deepwater is you read more
than you drink).  I am aware of the direct production of
the colonies for the world market, with transit through 
internal urban centers that function as administrative
offices rather than domestic markets.

To say the colonies are critical to capitalist develop-
ment is not the same as saying workers in the
developed countries benefit by imperialism. 

In my reading of history, specialized and individual
as it is, there is little evidence of the benefit to
workers of any country from the profits of capital.

Thank you again for the info and the references.   

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