For Jose and other Shuttle==civilian mission only ppl

Armand Diego causebellum at
Sun Feb 9 23:32:42 MST 2003

Adam Levenstein wrote:

Since nobody claimed anything of the sort, your point
is moot.

Of *course* the shuttle (and the space program as a
whole) has a military interest to the ruling class. So
does the interstate highway system. What's being
discussed is whether military applications are its
*primary*--or even a major--function.


The discussion was if the primary purpose of the
shuttle missions and the space program is for military
purposes and under the control of military personnel
AND if overall, the space program is primarily serving
the interests of US imperialism and its military or
civilian science... with a touching aspect of
inspiring kids to study science.

Some in the list assigned the shuttle and space
missions altruistic, scientific and inspirational
nature and decried that some, like me, will cheer the
screw up of US imperialism and its failures in space.

I have to confess, I also cheered the few times that
the oUSSRUSRR beat the shit out of the US in the space

I guess, I'm not only insensitive and unpatriotic, but
that I also had a little heart to cheer for the
soviets.  That probably makes me a commieoopso...opps!

I would fight for the repair and extension of the US
highway system.  Their present state of disrepair and
gridlock, doesn't seem to indicate that is a priority
for US generals and the Commander in Chief and I don't
see them showcasing them as one of the main
achievements of US imperialism.  Do they?



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