The "Franco-German Peace Plan"

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Mon Feb 10 06:31:38 MST 2003

As an alternative to the U.S. conquest of Iraq, the French and German
imperialists, displaying some boldness and creativity IF you take them at
face value (but see below), are coming up with a plan for the European
conquest of Iraq.  It's no wonder that Bush and Rumsfeld are reacting with
"scorn" and "fury" to this plan.

The key elements of the plan are the deployment of more inspectors, the
deployment of "U.N. Troops" throughout Iraq, and the designation of all of
Iraq to be a "no-fly zone".  These terms ought to remind us all of the
Rambouillet ultimatum directed against Yugoslavia.  Really they amount to
the surrender of Iraqi sovereignty to "the U.N." under conditions in which
"the U.N." would not embody the will of the US imperialists, but of a
Franco-German-Russian imperialist coalition.

Really, again assuming you take all this at face value, the U.S.
imperialists have the right to treat this as an attempt by Chirac and
Schroeder to stage a virtual coup d'etat within the United Nations - to
wrench the U.N. out of the hands of the US  and take it in their own hands.

Objectively it is a good thing for the victims when the robbers start
fighting over the spoils before the spoils are in hand, but those of us who
can see what is really going on have to somehow try to get the message
across to our peace movements that this "peace plan" is really an ultimatum
to Iraq: "If you surrender to us European imperialists, we will try to
protect you from the lunatic and murderous United States imperialists."  The
corollary is that if Iraq does NOT surrender to this "plan", the Chirac and
Schroeder will wash their hands of Iraq and support Washington's genocidal

All of this assumes that Chirac and Schroeder intend their plan to be
accepted by the Iraqi government.  However, since these are imperialists,
you always have to look beneath the surface.  One of the shrewd aspects of
this "plan" is that if Iraq accepts it, Chirac and Schroeder have not only
advanced their own imperialists' interests, but get to pose as heroes of
peacemaking to their own people and to the colonial world; whereas if Iraq
rejects it, they will tell their own anti-war populace that they have done
their best but that the responsibility for the war now falls on that
irrationally stubborn man, Saddam Hussein.  In fact, this MIGHT be the real
idea.  The similarity to Rambouillet - an ultimatum which was -intended- to
be rejected - may be very precise.  Chirac and Schroeder may have
deliberately crafted this proposal so that the Iraqis would feel obliged to
reject it, in order to legitimize their participation in the U.S. war drive
and to neutralize their own people's opposition to the war.  So you might
not have to believe that Chirac and Schroeder are bold enough to challenge
the US for domination of the UN.  You might only have to believe that they
are crafty and cynical enough to stage a phony "peace plan" to deceive their
own people.  (Of course there may be a mixture of motives.)

(In fact, I suppose you can't absolutely rule out the idea that the whole
thing is a "good cop / bad cop" scheme with the full cooperation of the U.S.
If that's the case then Rumsfeld is playing his part with unaccustomed
acting skill, assuming he is in the know.  I don't see any convincing
evidence that this is true, but I'll keep an open mind.)

The socialist and anti-war forces in the "old Europe" have a clear duty to
say: "We will not accept any excuses; we are against your war on any terms.
We say, not 'occupy Iraq', but 'hands off Iraq!'"  Here in the United
States, we have a duty to fight any tendency toward thinking that Iraq has
any moral duty to accept the "Franco-German peace plan", or toward
demoralization and resignation to war if they it does not.

Lou Paulsen

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