Why I Stand with ANSWER

Dan Peyser dan at rjtorres.net
Mon Feb 10 09:42:26 MST 2003

> What is clear? That they're communists? Of course they're communists. Didn't
> you know they were communists? Let me tell you a secret. We're all communists
> of one stripe or another here on this list. "Front organizations" is
> anti-communist jargon, used by the far right wing during the McCarthy era to
> attack the U.S. Communist Party along with other Marxist organizations. Why
> are you using it?

Yes, we are all communists of different stripes here, and I have never
used "front organization" as "anti-communist jargon" before. The truth
is, if WWP tried to organize under the name WWP for the anti-war effort,
it wouldn't go very far. Unfortunately, groups like ANSWER have to be
created because of anti-communism. Do I have a problem with the fact
that ANSWER is pretty much run by WWP? Absolutely not. "Front
organizations" are unfortunately necssary and better for mass

> 2. In the Corn article, it mentions someone shouting "Stalinist!" at
> someone from WWP as they were speaking, and also someone else referring
> to them as "Maoist." This is a common mixup, but as far as I knew WWP
> are Trots.
> Trots? Do you mean Trotskyist?

Yes, I meant Trotskyist.

> Dan, I am very, very offended.  You've been doing nothing but red-baiting
> here. What is your problem? Did you inadvertently get on the wrong list?

Excuse me??? When have I "red-baited" on this list? That is a serious
charge, and I expect you to back that up.


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