The "Franco-German Peace Plan"

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Mon Feb 10 09:49:06 MST 2003

> Johannes Schneider wrote:
> >...out of context it is always clear that 'the French', 'the
> >Germans', 'the British' are used as a short-hand for the respective
> >governments...
> Not by me or any self-respecting Marxist. Never. Never. Never.
> Shane Mage

Shane: piffle.   <---In the interests of civility on the list, I have
substituted the word 'piffle' for my first choice.

In the first place, the sentence which you quote is lifted from the middle of
a paragraph whose FIRST sentence is:

>All of this assumes that Chirac and Schroeder intend their plan to be
>accepted by the Iraqi GOVERNMENT.

Therefore I don't even have to fall back on Johannes' explanation, because my
sentence isn't even 'out of context'.  The first sentence of the paragraph
makes it very clear that I am talking about the Iraqi government.

In the second place, you have odd standards for a "self-respecting Marxist",
since your manufactured terminological complaint serves only to divert
attention from the fact that you are apparently prepared to uncritically
support the Franco-IMPERIALIST/German-IMPERIALIST PLAN, and are desirous that
the bourgeois-nationalist government of Iraq capitulate to that plan.

This is the silliest sectarian complaint I have run into since the day when a
Muslim student showed me an anti-imperialist leaflet that his group was
putting out.  I said 'this is a pretty good leaflet'.  Of course the leaflet
was headed with the words "In the name of Allah, the merciful, the
compassionate", and after the Muslim student left, a Spart, who had seen the
exchange and the leaflet, said, "SO!  Workers World Party believes in GOD
now!!"  Jeez.


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