The "Franco-German Peace Plan"

Shane Mage shmage at
Mon Feb 10 10:49:35 MST 2003

>  > Johannes Schneider wrote:
>>  >...out of context it is always clear that 'the French', 'the
>>  >Germans', 'the British' are used as a short-hand for the respective
>>  >governments...
>>  Not by me or any self-respecting Marxist. Never. Never. Never.
>>  Shane Mage
>Shane: piffle.   <---In the interests of civility on the list, I have
>substituted the word 'piffle' for my first choice.
>In the first place, the sentence which you quote is lifted from the middle of
>a paragraph whose FIRST sentence is:
>>All of this assumes that Chirac and Schroeder intend their plan to be
>>accepted by the Iraqi GOVERNMENT.
>Therefore I don't even have to fall back on Johannes' explanation, because my
>sentence isn't even 'out of context'.  The first sentence of the paragraph
>makes it very clear that I am talking about the Iraqi government.

In that long paragraph you slide from "the Iraqi government,"
through "Iraq,"  to "Iraqis."  If you saw any difference among
those words, why didn't you keep to the same wording--or,
if economy were needed, simply "Saddam"--or do you
think anyone else in Iraq shares in the decision?

In any case, in a different context you wrote:
"Here in the United
States, we have a duty to fight any tendency toward thinking that Iraq has
any moral duty to accept the "Franco-German peace plan""

So: By  "Iraq" are you signifying  the Iraqi peoples,
       who you (and Johannes) agree would overwhelmingly
       support the Chirac/Schroeder/Putin peace plan
       or just Saddam--in which case, why would you deny
       that a ruler has a "moral obligation" to accept a
       proposal which his people overwhelmingly support
       and which would spare them, and many others,
       unimaginable suffering?

Shane Mage

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Herakleitos of Ephesos, fr. 64

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