Three articles on deepening US-Europe split

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Mon Feb 10 10:55:22 MST 2003

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Internal NATO divisions over Iraq have become publicly acrimonious,
partly because the frustrated Bush administration was expecting quick
French and German assent to its war plans. The two leading European
governments may still capitulate in the end, but for now, they have
blocked US plans to prepare the alliance for war, and unveiled a plan –
hatched in secret consultations with the Chinese and Russians – to
strengthen the UN inspection teams in Iraq.

Although the US claims the support of the British and most European
governments, notably those from the former Soviet bloc, public opinion
across the continent is massively against war. This has encouraged the
independent stance of the Chirac and Schroeder governments, and is
fuelling the American antiwar movement – two factors which even the Bush
administration can't ignore. The February 15th global antiwar
demonstrations have thus assumed increased importance.

If you can't access the newspaper sites directly, I've posted three
articles on the first, from The Guardian,
reports on the Europe-US diplomatic row; the second, from the Sunday
Observer, describes the dramatic growth of the British antiwar movement;
and the third, from the Los Angeles Times, highlights France's leading

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