Labor and Aristocracy

leonardnadal leonardnadal at
Mon Feb 10 17:41:45 MST 2003

Regarding labor aristocracy and imperialism:

The positions recently posted by most involved in
the debate have evolved considerably beyond the original
positions staked out in the archives. That's a good sign.

It seems a near unanimous position, that workers in the
advanced countries are not "bribed" by super-profits from
LDCs into abandoning their class.  The explanation for
"reformism" and/or the lack of revolution isn't that 

That's good enough for a start.

I thought the Counterpunch article on overproduction 
was interesting but not too timely, by about 5 years....,
at least in my former industry,
overproduction being at the core of the mergers of
ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, BPAmoco.

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