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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Feb 10 18:12:18 MST 2003

>I'm preparing some materials for a possible publication on the attacks on
>civil liberties being made under cover of the war on terrorism. I'm
>currently looking for info about previous campaigns of this type in the
>U.S.: prosecution of anti-WWI activists, red scare campaigns of the 20s and
>the McCarthy era. Specially interested in the use of "fear" to justify
>constitutional and human rights violations, especially fear of communists,
>anarchists and immigrants - and especially anarcho-communist immigrants. ;-)
>There's plenty of general stuff around, I realise, but anyone know a good
>source for facts about extension of police and other state powers, denial of
>rights to accused, conditions of detention, treatment of non-citizrens etc?
>Any help (especially good web sources) appreciated.
>Karen Fletcher, Melbourne Australia

William Preston, Jr., _Aliens and Dissenters: Federal Suppression of
Radicals, 1903-1933_, 2nd ed., Urbana and Chicago: University of
Illinois Press, 1994 (1963).

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