Orange Alert for democratic rights: the judge's decision

Ben Halligan B.Halligan at
Tue Feb 11 08:51:33 MST 2003

>I think the London organizers had the right idea. They announced they WOULD
have their action no >matter what the cops and the robed reactionaries of
the ruling rich in the courts imagined
>people were allowed to do and no do. The cops folded.

that and a stroke of luck:

"The government is facing the embarrassing prospect of reversing its ban on
an anti-war protest at Hyde Park or allowing more than half a million
demonstrators to hold a rally outside Buckingham Palace, it emerged


although, with some sources predicting the biggest mass turn out since 1945,
the british
government is clearly mobilising:

"Army Deployed to Guard London"

i think i'm right in saying that the last time tanks were seen in heathrow
airport was during the final four days of heath's government, when rumours
of a possible coup circulated in the press, after the 1974 miners strike.


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