China joins with France, Germany and Russia

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NY Times, Feb. 11, 2003
NATO Fails to Settle Iraq Rift; China Seeks More Inspections

BRUSSELS, Feb. 11 - NATO failed today to settle its deep differences
over Iraq, the worst rift in the alliance's history, but a spokesman
said informal talks would continue through the night and a new meeting
would be called for Wednesday.

France, Germany and Belgium continued to block an effort to have NATO
begin military planning for the defense of Turkey in the event of war of

And China joined calls for an increase in the number of United Nations
inspectors working in Iraq. In a statement issued in Paris on Monday,
France, Germany and Russia argued that the inspections should continue
in a more vigorous form before war is contemplated and that the
inspectors be given more time to complete their job.

After informal talks throughout the day, ambassadors from the 19 NATO
countries met for only 20 minutes this evening before ending the
session, a spokesman said.

"Right now we do not have a conclusion," the spokesman, Yves Brodeur,

President Jiang Zemin of China, in a telephone conversation with the
French president, Jacques Chirac, reiterated China's stance on finding a
peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis.

China now joins Russia and and France, all of which have veto power in
the Security Council, in opposing the United States and Britain on
military action against Saddam Hussein.

"The inspection in Iraq is effective and should be continued and
strengthened," the official New China News Agency quoted Mr. Jiang as
saying today. "Warfare is good for no one, and it is our responsibility
to take various measures to avoid war."



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