Canada-based Weapons Inspection Team arriving in the U.S.

Ralph Johansen michele at
Tue Feb 11 13:05:26 MST 2003

Dear Friends,

Recently, we sent a special request to thousands of Rooting Out Evil
supporters to make a donation to help support the first volunteer
international weapons inspection team arriving in the U.S. on February

Thanks to a generous response by supporters from all over the world we have
been able to make great progress. But we need to raise another $11,000 CDN
if we are to reach the public with the message that we oppose all weapons of
mass destruction, wherever they are located.

Our Weapons Inspection Team currently includes Alan Simpson, a British
Member of Parliament (and head of Labour Against the War); Libby Davies,
Canadian Member of Parliament for Vancouver East ; Professor Mel Watkins of
Science for Peace; Steve Staples of the Polaris Institute; David Langille of
the Centre for Social Justice; Deborah Bourque, National President of the
Canadian Union of Postal Workers; Samaa Elibyari of the Canadian Islamic
Congress; Christy Ferguson of Rooting Out Evil; American scientist Ed
Hammond of the Sunshine Project; and Peter Shorret from the Council for
Responsible Genetics. We are expecting to be joined by leaders of the faith
community and parliamentarians from other countries.

We need your help to finance the airfares from our capital, Ottawa, to
Washington, D.C. - and to cover the costs of our campaign staff who have
been handling media relations, logistics, liaison with our Inspectors,
website maintenance and publicity.

Please take a few minutes right now to make a donation to the Rooting Out
Evil campaign. Your gift will be pooled together with those of other caring
individuals and will have a tremendous impact. Simply click on the secure
donation link below and make a credit card contribution of $20, or whatever
you can afford. Or, if you prefer, you can make a cheque out to the Centre
for Social Justice and mail it to the address below. You can also call our
toll-free number below and make a credit card donation right over the phone.
Please note: donation amounts on this website are processed in Canadian
dollars. For example, a US donor entering a $20.00 (Can.) donation will be
charged about $12.50 (US) on your credit card. Donate online now at:

>From now until the inspection, updates will be posted on our website
regularly so that you can follow along as plans unfold. Meanwhile, please
continue forwarding to your friends, neighbors,
co-workers, and contacts. And don't forget to download the Rooting Out Evil
stickers - we urge you to use them to identify those buildings and
facilities in your locale that are free of weapons of mass destruction. Help
spread the word and help root out evil everywhere!

Yours in peace,

The Rooting Out Evil coordinating team

Deborah Cook, Christy Ferguson, Larry Gordon, David Langille, Peter Tabuns,
Stephen Kerr, Sarah Treleaven, and Ritch Whyman

P.S. To those of you who have already made your contribution, from the
bottom of our hearts thank you!

c/o The Centre for Social Justice 489 College St, Suite 303 Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M6G 1A5 1-888-803-8881 info at

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