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Tue Feb 11 18:15:59 MST 2003

David Quarter just crossposted something that looks like this:
>"It is not appropriate for us today to issue a specific call to
>action," Mr Mackney noted, but he added that the day any war
>see "massive protests in every industry against it". Bob Crow,
>leader of

Since I have had to deal with this problem several times recently, let me
explain what is expected here. If you crosspost something from another
email list, there is a strong likelihood that you will see the "zig-zag"
effect seen above--an utter waste of bandwidth. Basically you have to get
rid of the embedded but invisible end-of-paragraph characters that are
found at the end of each line and replace them with a space, a task that
all but the most nerdish (Les Schaffer, me, etc.) find too daunting. Unless
you are willing to do the up-front work to make crosspostings readable, I
propose that you do not crosspost. I have already warned one subscriber
that if he sent zig-zag messages to the list one more time, I'd suspend his
posting privileges. We are supposed to be revolutionaries here. Would you
put out a leaflet that read like the junk above?

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