Sinister doings from Cooper and Berube

Jacob Levich jlevich at
Tue Feb 11 19:40:22 MST 2003

See the email below, which was forwarded to members of one of the campus
antiwar networks, and my response to it immediately below. I'd be grateful
if Lou Paulsen or someone else who knows the situation write up a response
that I can forward to the list?


>Since Marc Cooper and Michael Berube have been actively attempting to
>split the antiwar movement by rebaiting ANSWER and other radical groups
>working against the war, I would tend to be suspicious of any effort
>they're sponsoring. Thissmells like a calculated attack on peace movement
>unity. So I would urge subscribers to this list to wait and hear ANSWER's
>side of things before jumping on board this particular train.
>At 02:45 AM 2/11/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>>Date: 2/10/2003
>>To: mcooper at
>>Dear Michael Berube and Marc Cooper:
>>Thank you for circulating your letter. I would be happy to sign it.
>>Peace is for all sides and the climate of intolerance has got to change.
>>I hope that the pressure exerted will cause a change in the speaker line
>>up. That would be a good move for the entire global coalition of humanity
>>against terrorism and bigotry.
>>Thanks again,
>>Nalini Lasiewicz
>>Rabbi Michael Lerner has been banned from speaking at the antiwar rally
>>in San Francisco this Sunday, February 15. One of the rally organizers,
>>Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER), has stated that it will not
>>allow a "pro-Israel" speaker to take the stage -- despite the fact that
>>Rabbi Lerner has been an outspoken critic of Israeli policy in the
>>occupied territories, has endorsed ANSWER's antiwar rallies in the past,
>>has signed the Not in Our Name petition against the war, and is widely
>>known to be among the most progressive of American rabbis. Other
>>coalitions organizing the rally, including Not in Our Name and United for
>>Peace and Justice, have acceded to ANSWER's opposition to Lerner, on the
>>grounds that they had previously accepted as a condition for
>>participation in the demonstration the agreement that if one of the
>>groups vetoed a speaker that all would have to agree.
>>We, the undersigned, protest ANSWER's refusal to let Rabbi Lerner speak
>>at this Sunday's rally. At a time when the antiwar movement needs as
>>broad a platform and as broad an appeal as possible, ANSWER has chosen
>>instead to put the interests of sectarianism ahead of the interests of
>>all those who oppose this foolish and unnecessary war. We believe this is
>>a serious mistake, and that it exemplifies ANSWER's unfitness to lead
>>mass mobilizations against war in Iraq.
>>To add your name to the letter, send a note to:
>>mcooper at
>>Banning of Rabbi

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